About Matthew "Matt" Lindgren - Oakland Depression Therapist's Background

Matthew "Matt" Lindgren is a California licensed marriage and family therapist, MFC46949.

Matthew "Matt" Lindgren has treated many people with depression throughout his clinical career. He uses a combination of cognitive behavioral, Rogerian/Humanistic, and Somatic approaches to help people recover from depression.

He graduated from New College of California with a master's degree in Clinical Psychology, with a focus on the use of therapy as a form of social justice. Matthew "Matt" Lindgren sets aside a portion of his private practice to work with low fee clients who may not typically have access to therapy, and he also serves as CEO of Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc., a community public mental health organization that serves adults and children who have been victims of violent crimes.

You can learn more about Matthew "Matt" Lindgren at matthewlindgren.com.

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